Provo Utah Assisted Living Facilities
The State of Utah licenses Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) through the Utah Department of
Health and classifies ALF's into two main categories:

Type I: A Utah Type I Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is required to provide clean living
accommodations, three meals per day and 24-hour general monitoring of residents 7 days per
week. Residents of a Type I ALF may require minimal assistance with Activities of Daily Living
(ADL); residents requiring significant assistance with as many as two ADL's are allowed to
reside in Type I ALF's.
Additionally, Type I ALF residents must be able to evacuate the facility under their own power;
have stable health and be free of any communicable diseases; and participate in developing a
care service plan. Residents may also receive assistance with medications or have
medications administered by a nurse. Type I ALF residents are permitted to contract with
independent home health agencies to provide them ancillary services at the facility.
Type II: A Utah Type II Assisted Living Facility (ALF) can
accommodate residents needing full assistance with Activities of Daily
Living (ADL). Type II ALF's are permitted to provide an "aging in place"
environment and general nursing care dispensed by facility staff. A
Type II ALF is required to provide residents with a clean living
environment, three meals per day, and 24-hour individualized personal
and health related services 7 days per week.
In addition, Type II ALF residents must be free of communicable
diseases transmittable during normal courses of activity. Residents
may be semi-independent, requiring the assistance of one person for
transfers or evacuation of the facility. Residents may also receive
assistance with medication or have medications administered by a nurse. Residents may
receive home health services at the ALF which they contract through an independent Home
Health Agency.

Assisted Living Facility Capacity Classifications

The State of Utah assigns a secondary classification ranking for Assisted Living Facilities
(ALF), regardless of type:

  • Limited Capacity: 2 - 5 Residents
  • Small Capacity:    6 - 16 Residents
  • Large Capacity:   17 or more Residents

Type I or Type II facilities, regardless of capacity classification, are required to provide
separate living quarters for each individual resident; two residents are permitted to share
quarters if a written request - signed by both residents - is submitted to the ALF.

Assisted Living Facility Administrator Requirements

Administrators for all categories of Utah Assisted Living Facilities must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • be knowledgeable of applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • have the ability to deliver, or direct delivery, of appropriate care to facility residents
  • be of good moral character
  • submit to a criminal background check
In addition, the unique administrator prerequisites for the various State of Utah ALF
classifications are:

Type I Facility Administrator: Must possess an Associate's Degree or 2 years of health care
facility experience.

Type II Facility Administrator (Small or Limited Capacity): Must possess at least one of the
following: Associate Degree in a health care field; 2 years or more management experience in
a health care field; 1 years experience in a health care field as a licensed health care
Type II Facility Administrator (Large Capacity): Must possess at least one of the following: a
State of Utah health facility administrator license; a Bachelor's Degree in any field, to include
management training or one or more years of management experience and one year or more
experience in a health care field; a Bachelor's Degree in a health care field, to include
management training or one or more years of management experience; an Associate's Degree
and four years or more management experience in a health care field.

Assisted Living Facility Personnel

All personnel working at a licensed State of Utah ALF must meet the following prerequisities:
  • Receive a health screening
  • Submit to a criminal background check
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Received full orientation for both the facility and their specific job responsibilities

In addition, the State of Utah requires certain prerequisites for personnel providing personal
care to residents of the various sub-classifications of Assisted Living Facilities:

Type I ALF - Personnel must have related job experience or job training
Type II ALF - Personnel must either be a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) or complete a state-
certified nurse aide program within 4 months of their date of hire

For more comprehensive information and details about ALF rules and regulations in the areas
of Administrator Duties; Areas of Personnel Training; Resident Rights; Admission Standards;
Food Services; and many other related subjects, consult the State of Utah Department of
Health website at www.health.utah.gov.





Featured Assisted Living Facilities
Hearthstone Manor in Spanish Forks, Utah, is a
combined-classification Assisted Living Facility providing
residents with the option of 12 beds committed to both
Type I and Type II living along with 20 beds in a secured
memory section. Located at the base of the majestic
Nebo Mountains,
Hearthstone Manor has been in
operation since 1999 and is an accredited BBB member
with a current "A+" rating. Hearthstone Manor is family-owned and operated by a professional
husband (physical therapist) and wife (registered nurse) team. Amenities and services include
a large private room with three-quarter bath; phone and cable; kitchenettes; 24-hour Certified
Nursing Assistants; assistance with housekeeping and laundry; light assistance with bathing;
medication assistance; delicious home-cooked meals and snacks; assistance with all ADL's (in
Level II units); dementia and memory care (where applicable); and much, much more.
 1424 South 1700 East, Spanish Forks, UT 84660     |     (801) 798-1500
Courtyard at Jamestown is a Provo, Utah Type II assisted
living facility featuring both an assisted living component
and enhanced (memory) care accommodations.
at Jamestown's
excellence has been recognized by Utah
County many times and was awarded the Best of State
(Utah) in 2010. Assisted living facility services and
amenities include 24-hour emergency call
system; 3 restaurant-style meals served daily; recreational activities; scheduled transportation;
assistance with ADL's; continence assistance; medication assistance; laundry and linen
services; and much, much more.
           3352 North 100 East, Provo, UT  84604     |     (801) 377-3730