The Top 3 Gifts for Seniors
Cell Phones for Seniors
How many times have you heard this?: "I'd love for my mom to have a
cell phone just for emergencies, but she's too intimidated by the
buttons, features and technology."
This is a common issue for many senior citizens: they'd love to have a
cell phone for emergencies and more traditional family
communications, but the buttons are small, there are a lot of confusing
features to master and the overall technology is largely unfamiliar and
hard to learn to use.
Jitterbug has overcome all these objections with an easy-to-use,
easy-to-see, easy-to-hear, affordable cell phone and service plan menu.
Jitterbug offers a large form-factor cell phone with an oversize keypad and
large color screen. The phone instruction menus are easy-to-follow "Yes"
and "No" question tree formats and the phones are designed to
significantly reduce background noise for easy-listening.
Jitterbug has positioned itself squarely in the sweet-spot of the senior
market by effectively addressing both sides of the cell phone equation:
Cell Phone and Service plan. In a nutshell, here are the reasons we
believe the Jitterbug is the perfect gift of communication for today's senior
Senior-Friendly Phone:
  • Inexpensive Cell Phone (around $150)
  • Bluetooth and Caller-ID Enabled
  • Large Form-Factor Back Lit Keypad
  • Oversize Color Screen
Simple Service Plans:
  • No Contract
  • Nationwide Service
  • Plans Starting at $14.99 per Month
  • Rollover Minutes (60-day duration)
  • U.S.-Based Customer Service Center with
    Live Operators
  • Shared Plans
  • Zero Roaming or Long Distance Fees
Jitterbug often offers promos with free accessories and/or upgrades with activation. (One-time
service activation/set-up fee of $35.) They even offer a "Jitterbug Gifting Program" - great for
the holidays! Contact them at:
                 www.jitterbug.com     |     1-(877)-651-0858
The Jitterbug
Cell Phone
Nintendo Wii Game Console with Wii Fit Package and Balance Board
Although video game sales are continuing their downward trend (-23% year-on-year), one
demographic segment is growing substantially: the senior citizen market!
Nintendo Wii Systems have - well - bowled over the senior citizen community. More and more
senior centers, retirement homes, assisted living facilities and senior citizen households contain
Wii consoles as one of their entertainment appliances. Wii systems
are fast-becoming a fixture in retirement home common rooms; one
eldercare company, Erickson Communities, recently organized a Wii
bowling tournament with competing retirement homes in their network
of senior communities enthusiastically participating.
Nintendo held a "launch party" in 2008 when they introduced the Wii
Fit system. Harley Pasternak, a fitness expert and author of "5-Factor
Fitness", attended and commented: "I got beaten by a 9 year-old and
a 72 year-old at hula-hooping!"
In addition to its simulated sports games such as bowling, tennis, golf
and baseball, seniors can also benefit from other Wii programs, such
as using the Wii Fit system with the Wii Balance Board to develop
better balance and mobility. In June 2009, the United Kingdom's
National Health Service (NHS) demonstrated the Wii Balance Board
for the "Falls Awareness Day" event they sponsored for senior
awareness of fall-prevention on a nationwide basis.
Many geriatric medical experts are recognizing the overall health and
wellness benefits associated with senior use of the Wii Fit system.
They maintain that seniors reap healthy aging rewards across the
board: social interaction, physical activity and balance improvement along with the added benefit
of some much-needed hand-to-eye-coordination activities enhancing what is widely referred to
in geriatric health circles as "Brain Fitness".
From a family-togetherness standpoint, the Wii Fit is a perfect gift for seniors; what better way to
get grandkids and grandparents to interact than while playing video games together! A Wii
Console and Fit Package with Balance Board will retail at approximately $145
Prices and Availability are bound to fluctuate as we approach the holiday season. One of the
best ways to check is on Google Products: www.google.com/products - then search for
Wii Fit
e-Book Readers

A few years ago, when just the mere concept of a flat-screen, hand held "e-book" was being
touted as the "coming thing", I steadfastly believed that nothing could ever replace the feel,
comfort and convenience of a traditional book. I WAS WRONG! We've tested and reviewed the
Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Sony Reader. They each have unique
features, but in any case, the e-reader is here to stay and one of the main consumer groups
who will benefit from them is the senior citizen demographic!
The e-reader is a flat screen device with a very clear,
crisp and paper-like display. Best Seller titles can be
downloaded wirelessly in less than a minute, most for
less than $10 - many titles way less than that. Most
e-reader screens are 6" X 4"; they all weigh around
10 oz. - 11oz. and have various degrees of free
content, like built-in dictionaries, news downloads
and Wikipedia access.
Regardless of the brand and model, many features
are similar, but some differences are worth noting:
Amazon Kindle Touch
6 " screen
Adjustable Font Size
3000 Book Storage
Borrow Titles from Library
Buy Books from Amazon Only
Amazon Kindle Touch 3G
6" Screen
Adjustable Font Size
3000 Book Storage
Borrow Titles from Library
Buy Books from Amazon Only
Barnes & Noble Nook Color
7" Screen
Adjustable Font Size
6000 Book Storage
Buy Books from B&N Only
Borrow Titles from Library
Lend e-Books for Free
Sony Reader Wi-Fi
6" Screen
Adjustable Font Size
1200 Book Storage
Buy Books from Sony Reader Store
Borrow e-Books from Libraries
Conclusion: Any of these e-Readers would make a
great gift senior gift; we believe the
feature gives the Kindle Touch Series a slight
in terms of desirable senior-friendly functionality.
Honorable Mention: The
Ectaco Jetbook Series offers
only a 5" screen, but its
simple operation with
over-large buttons makes it a senior-friendly reader!
Learn More about the Ectaco Jetbooks - click here
Prices and availability are bound to fluctuate as the gift-giving season progresses. Check each
e-book site to learn about the latest price points, special promotions and deliverability.
www.amazon.com   |   www.barnesandnoble.com   |   www.sonystyle.com
Wii Fit Plus Package can
Include Balance Board
Wii Balance Board use can
prevent harmful falls
e-Book readers share many similar features. For
a senior there are unique features in each model.
Jitterbug is a registered trademark of Great Call, Inc.
Wii, Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board logos are registered trademarks of Nintendo
Sony Reader is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation
The Kindle is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc.
Barnes and Noble and The Nook by Barnes and Noble are registered trademarks of Barnes and Noble, Inc.
All other brands and logos are the licensed and registered trademarks of their owners
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