San Antonio Adult Foster Care Homes
Definition of a Texas Adult Foster Care Home

The State of Texas stipulates that a Type C assisted living facility is a four bed facility with an active contract with DADS to provide adult foster care services at a level consistent with the state's Minimum Standards for Adult Foster Care.

Administrator Requirements

The Administrator of a Texas Adult Foster Care Home must:
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • live on-site
  • be the primary care giver for residents
  • be the owner or lessee of the facility
  • submit to a criminal background check prior to license approval
  • take an orientation class and participate in 6 hours of in-service educational training annually
  • have a minimum of one approved substitute care provider designated and on record
Services and Amenities

Like Type A and Type B assisted Living facilities, services and amenities at Texas Type C Adult Foster Care Homes will vary widely. The State of Texas requires all Adult Foster Care Homes to:
  • provide 3 nutritious meals per day - menus planned a week in advance
  • host at least one social and/or activity per week
  • provide transportation for medical appointments, shopping, church attendance and personal errands; in some cases (depending on a resident's service plan), appointment escort service is also required

For further information on Texas Assisted Living Facilities, particularly regarding Type C Adult Foster Care Homes and applicable licensing standards, resident rights, provider qualifications and responsibilities, etc., contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) at www.dads.state.tx.us or call 1-800-458-9858
Featured San Antonio (Texas) Adult Foster Care Homes

Garcia Foster Home
Adult Foster Care Home
San Antonio • Texas

4-Bed Facility • Near AT&T Center • SE Baptist Hospital Nearby • Close to MLK Park

558 Ferris Street, San Antonio, TX 78213 • (210) 271-9433

The House Next Door
Adult Foster Care Home
San Antonio • Texas

4-bed facility • Wheelchair Accessible • Close to Walmart Super Center
Schnabel Park Nearby

8626 Tanbark, San Antonio, TX 78240 • (210) 521-0996