Eugene Adult Foster Care Homes

Adult Foster Home Licensing Requirements

Prior to licensure, the AFH provider must complete the Oregon DHS Basic Training Course and
pass an examination on course work and skill sets. This course work includes:
  • Physical Care Giving
  • Screening for Care and Service Needs
  • Appropriate Behavior Towards Residents with Physical, Cognitive and Emotional
  • Issues Related to Architectural Accessibility
  • Ability to Understand and Respond to Emergency Situations, Medical Conditions,
    Physician's Orders, Medications Management and Professional Instructions, Nutritional
    Needs, Resident's Preferences and Problem Solving

Continuing Ed Requirements

During the first year of licensure, the licensee must complete a First Aid course, CPR course
and attend Fire and Life Safety training. Each subsequent year, the licensee must complete at
least 10 hours of DHS-approved ongoing training related to the care of persons who are
elderly or physically disabled.

Adult Foster Home Classifications

Class I: Licensee has completed Basic Training Course and Examination
Class II : Completed Basic Training Course and Examination and have the equivalent of 2
years' full-time experience in providing direct care to persons who are elderly or physically
Class III : Complete Basic Training Course and Examination, be a health care professional
(RN, LPN, Pharmacist, Doctor, OT, PT, etc.) or have the equivalent of 3 years' full-time
experience in providing direct care to persons who are elderly or physically disabled and
dependent in 4 or more activities of daily life. (ADL's), and provide current satisfactory
reference from at least two medical professionals who have direct knowledge of the applicant's
ability and past experience as a caregiver.

Contact Information

The contact information for the appropriate State of Oregon department which licenses and
regulates Oregon Assisted Living Facilities or Oregon Retirement Centers is:
DHS - Seniors and People with Disabilities, 500 Summer Street NE, E-02, Salem, OR
97301  (503)945-5944
Adult Foster Homes: The State of Oregon
Adult Foster Homes as "any home
or facility in which residential care is
provided in a homelike environment for 5 or
fewer adults not related to the provider by
blood or marriage."
In the context of Adult Foster Homes,
residential care means the provision of
room and board and services that assist the
resident in activities of daily living, such as
assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming,
eating, medication management, money
management or recreation. If there is no
element of care as part of the operation, it
does not qualify as an Adult Foster Home in
the State of Oregon.
Lissa's Villa
Culp Creek,
Featured Adult Foster Home: Lissa's Villa, Culp Creek, Oregon (near Cottage Grove)
Lissa's Villa, a Class I Adult Foster Home in Culp Creek, Oregon is a unique
4-bed, two bedroom facility designed to provide a beautiful, serene setting for
its residents. Just
20 minutes from Cottage Grove, Lissa's Villa has been
operated by Paul and Melissa Omundson for 3 years. This quiet home is
located next to the Row River in the Umpqua National Forest; quiet decks
allow residents to fully enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Lissa's Villa
features raised garden beds where residents can tend their own plants.
Delicious home-cooked meals and specially-prepared snacks are made with
many of the Villa's own home-grown produce and herbs.
Many activities are available to the residents, including guided strolls, picnics
by the river, afternoon movies, games, reading and an adjacent wood shop
for small projects. Bible studies are available to interested residents. Lissa's
Villa is entirely focused on providing dignity, independence and choice for its
39458 Row River Road, Culp Creek, Oregon   |   (541) 946-1004
Heavenly Foster Care
Springfield, Oregon
Heavenly Foster Care is a Class III Adult Foster Home in
Springfield, Oregon.
Heavenly Foster Care is owned and
operated by Tammy Krug and has been in operation for 3
years. Offering a 5-bed occupancy, Heavenly Foster Care
provides a safe, comfortable home-like setting for its residents.
Meals are home-cooked and nutritious and there are abundant
snacks available almost all the time. Owner and staff are
available 24/7; residents are provided assistance with ADL's,
receive linen and laundry service, medication reminders,
grooming assistance and much, much more!
3282 Garden Farm Road, Springfield, OR  |  (541) 741-1500