New Mexico Adult Foster Care Homes
In many parts of the U.S., "Adult Foster Homes"
are a type of senior housing in which private
residences have been transformed into  
boarding house environments; these adult
boarding homes will typically provide shelter
and a safe environment; three meals per day
and snacks; assistance with Activities of Daily
Living (ADL); limited social and entertainment
activities; transportation and many other
services and amenities one might expect within
a home intended for elderly residents.
The State of New Mexico does not have a
licensing provision for the traditional "Adult
Foster Home". Instead, the State of New Mexico
Department of Health's Division of Health
Improvement defines the state's licensed Assisted Living Facilities "any licensed facility which is
operated for the maintenance or care of two (2) or more adults needing or desiring assistance
with one (1) or more activities of daily living."
In many U.S. states, licensed Adult Foster Care Homes are limited to a maximum of six
residents. (Sometimes the limit is less, but the average maximum is generally five or six.) By
setting the minimum occupancy of licensed ALF's at two (2) residents, even New Mexico
residential homes converted into senior housing will be licensed as an Assisted Living Facility.
Because the State of New Mexico has not designated a unique classification for "Adult Foster
Care Homes", Senior Resources and News will not provide its website visitors with a special
Adult Foster Care Home (AFCH) section for each New Mexico metro market we research,
analyze and review. Instead, we will make a special effort to highlight any Assisted Living
Facilities we feature in our website pages as being "lower resident capacity" facilities so anyone
interested in ALF's with lower resident counts can easily spot them out from within the rest of
the facilities featured, reviewed or found on our comparison guides.
Please contact Senior Resources and News with any questions or comments about State of New
Mexico Assisted Living Facilities (ALF).
If you have any questions or need further information from the State of New Mexico about
Assisted Living Facilities or any other aspect of their licensing and regulation of senior housing
or senior services, visit the State of New Mexico Department of Health website at: