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Why We Launched

I have been in the Senior Care Industry for over 20 years - the past 5 as the founder, president and
hands-on owner of a successful Pacific Northwest area in-home senior care business.

Need for Easy Access Accurate and Comprehensive Information on Senior Care

No one knows better than we do how difficult it is to gather up accurate, relevant information about
optimal, affordable senior care resources - often needed suddenly, when a family emergency requires
time be of the essence. If a parent or other senior loved one's lifestyle needs change, there is not always
the luxury of ample time to weigh various options and look into appropriate solutions.
In the best of times, reliable and constantly updated information on senior living options is hard to get your
arms around. In many locales the data is scattered all over and is often ill-described, out-of-date, vague
and lacking in adequate detail. Many times a hurried decision about what measures should be taken for
the benefit of a parent's or loved one's living situation have to be amended because the first hurried
choice turned out not to be the best one. Several rapid changes in the living environment for a senior can
add to the stress of whatever prompted the lifestyle change in the first place.

Started by Providing Great Info Resources for Our In-Home Care Clients

At my in-home care service, CARE GIVERS NW, we take great pride in making certain each caller
leaves with useful information about how best to fill care needs for themselves or a loved one, even if the
best options do not include our firm's services. Over the years we have gathered and organized a wealth
of resource information which we routinely provide to callers.
Shortly after opening, we expanded the scope of content on the CARE GIVERS NW website. Just like our
office communication objectives, we wanted our website to not only provide the visitor a great deal of
specific information about our in-home care services, but also  to include a broad, continually-updated
selection of news, health tips, events and services relevant to seniors and their families. Acquires a Worldwide Readership

Soon we noticed that our website was not only being visited by people in our own Northwest service area,
we were receiving visits from virtually every state in the nation and over 25 other countries!
Clearly, there was a need for the kind of comprehensive and precise information our ongoing experience
and expertise in the Senior Care Industry allowed us to dispense. was Born

In 2006 there were nearly 38 million Americans 65 years old or older - 12.4% of the total U.S. population.
By 2030 that number will climb to over 70 million and represent 20% of U.S. population. By 2012
approximately 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every single day!
Never more than now has there been a greater need for easy-access, reliable information on lifestyle
options for seniors. The uncertain economic conditions we are so acutely aware of show no signs of
going completely away. People need to be able to make choices based on the best, most
comprehensive information available.

Our Goal at Senior

It is our goal at to be one of the first places you turn to with confidence
when you need sound advice and resource starting points to keep an elderly parent or senior loved one's
lifestyle at the optimal, happiest and safest levels.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We began publishing to provide you, our website visitors, with a
tremendous source of information regarding the ever-changing world of our senior population. We
welcome your feedback; editorial suggestions, information, tips, testimonials, references, etc. Please do
not hesitate to send us any comments or info you'd like to share with us at:

Again, thank you for visiting our website!

Sandra Sprague


Top Ten Signs is a blog for and about seniors. Sandra Sprague, president of Care Givers NW, the premier Portland, Oregon in-home senior care agency uses her 20+ years of experience in the Senior Care Industry to write insights, advice and relevant news for and about today's Senior Citizens.
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