Boise Idaho Assisted Living Facilities
The State of idaho sometimes refers to Assisted Living Facilities
as "Residential Care Facilities". For the sake of simplicity and to
conform to the more traditional description, we will confine our
references to the term: "Assisted Living Facilities".
Idaho's definition of an Assisted Living Facility is: "A residential
care or assisted living facility providing necessary supervision,
personal assistance, meals and lodgings to three (3) or more
The Idaho Board of Health and Welfare is authorized to adopt and
enforce rules pertaining to State of Idaho Assisted Living Facilities
in order to protect the rights, health and safety of residents.

Criminal Background Checks
Idaho Assisted Living Facilities must complete a criminal history
background check on employees and contractors who have direct access to residents. (New
employees with previous criminal history check certifications over 3 years old must submit to a
new criminal background check to provide to the new employer.) Idaho Assisted Living
Communities are encouraged to use Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare's Criminal
History Unit to process the criminal background checks. The criminal background checks are
fingerprint-based and the following agencies or databases are checked during the process:
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • National Crime Information Center
  • Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal
  • Idaho Child Protection State Registry
  • Idaho Adult Protection State Registry
  • Sexual Offender Registry
  • Office of Inspector General List of
    Excluded Individuals and Entities
  • Idaho Department of Transportation
    Driving Records
  • Nurse's Aide Registry
  • Other States and Jurisdiction Records
    and Findings
If an Assisted Living Facility chooses not to use the Idaho State Department of Health and
Welfare's Criminal History Unit and facilitates a criminal background check through another
source, the minimum standard of review must include results from at least: Federal Bureau of
Investigation; Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation; Office of Inspector General
List of Excluded Individuals and Entities; and the Nurse's Aide Registry. When evaluating
assisted living facilities for yourself or a loved one, ask them which level of criminal background
check they use for their employees and contractors.
License Requirements

Facility Administrators:

Every Idaho Assisted Living Facility must have an administrator licensed by the Bureau of
Occupational Licensing who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility.

Surveys and Inspections:

A newly-licensed Idaho assisted living facility will receive its first survey inspection within
90-days of the initial licensure. Another survey inspection is conducted approximately 15
months later. If both the initial and second inspection result in zero core deficiencies, the
facility's survey inspection frequency will be set on a 3-year cycle. (Any core deficiency findings
during a facility's first and second survey inspections result in the facility being placed on a
12-month survey inspection cycle until  two consecutive survey inspections yield zero core
deficiency results.)
Deficiencies are available to the public by written request to the Idaho Department of Health
and Welfare; results are also posted on the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare's
Licensing and Survey website listed below.
Admission Policy

Idaho Assisted Living Facilities cannot admit resident applicants who: require ongoing skilled
nursing care the facility is not authorized to provide; are violent or a danger to themselves and
others; have a Stage III or IV pressure ulcer; and several other restrictions specified on the
State of Idaho Health and Welfare website:
For more information, contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
  (208) 334-5500   |   www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov
Featured Boise Area Idaho Assisted Living Facilities
The Cottages of Meridian in Meridan, Idaho is a BBB "A" -
rated Assisted Living Facility.
The Cottages network of Assisted
Living Facilities limit the number of residents in each facility to
no more than 16. In addition to an array of traditional services,
The Cottages offers its residents arranged transportation,
treated water systems for skin and laundry care, safety checks,
residential-style kitchen and 3 home-cooked meals, bedroom
call buttons, 24-hour supervision,  and much, much more!
3199 W. Belltower Drive, Meridan, ID 83642 | (208) 288-2220
The Cottages of Meridian
Plantation Place, a locally-owned and operated assisted living facility in
Boise, Idaho, has been in operation since 1996 under the current
ownership. A BBB "A+" rated facility,
Plantation Place features 39
apartment units on lovely grounds. Their services and amenities include:
central dining, weekly housekeeping and linen, social and recreational
activities, supervised bathing, emergency call systems in each unit,
supervision of medications, transportation and much, much more!
3921 Kessinger Lane, Boise, Idaho 83703  |  (208) 853-7300
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