Colorado Springs Home Health Care Agencies
(Skilled In-Home Care Agencies)


Home Health Care
Agencies deploy
many different
health care
professionals to
provide patient care
  The State of Colorado categorizes Home
Care Agencies into two classes:
  • Class A: Skilled Health Care*
  • Class B: Personal Care Services
Licenses for either In-Home Care Service
classification are granted by the Colorado
Department of Public Health and
Environment; licenses for both classifications
are valid for one year. Upon initial application
for a Home Care Agency license, the state will
conduct an on-site inspection of the agency
offices to evaluate application and associated
documents and conduct interviews with
owners, administration and staff.
Renewal applications are also addressed  
with an on-site evaluation, during which the preceding year's occurrence reports, compliance
history, compliant reviews, plans of correction and other associated materials are reviewed.
A Class A Skilled Home Health Care Agency can also offer Personal Care Services as one
option from its suite of available services.

Criminal History Checks

Owners, Applicants and Licensees must provide a complete set of fingerprints to the CDPHE,
which forwards them to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation; from there criminal history
checks are conducted against both CBI and FBI databases. No license shall be issued if the
owner, applicant or licensee has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony that the CDPHE
considers inappropriate for and inconsistent with the health, safety and welfare of Home Health
Care consumers.

Home Care Agency Employees seeking employment with either classification of Home Care
Agency must submit to a criminal history check which must be conducted not more than 90
days prior to the employment of the individual. It is the Home Care Agency's responsibility to
create and implement standards regarding employment of an individual who has been
convicted of a misdemeanor or felony to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the consumer.



Skilled Home Health Care Agencies

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requires every Skilled Home
Health Care Agency to install a governing body for its operations. The members of the
governing body must be "singularly or collectively have business and health care experience
sufficient to oversee ... professional services". The governing body must be made up of at
least one Registered Nurse, one M.D. and one appropriate representative from one of the
other professional disciplines which the agency provides service of.

Administrator Requirements

An administrator of a Skilled Home Health Care Agency must meet the following prerequisites:
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be a licensed M.D., Registered Nurse or other licensed Health Care Professional - or -
  • Possess the appropriate level of education and experience in Health Service
  • A first-time administrator must first take 8 hours of training on subject matter such as
    home care oversight; licensing standards; and state and local laws applicable to the
    agency. An additional 16 hours of industry-specific training is required in the first 12
    months of the job

Skilled Home Health Care Staff

A Class A Skilled Home Health Care Agency must have a Registered Nurse or other
appropriate health professional available after business hours.
Skilled Home Health Care Agencies are licensed to deploy the following health care
professionals to provide home health care for its patients (
partial list): skilled nursing by
Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners; M.D.'s; Pharmacists; Physician Assistants; Clinical
Social Workers, Physical Therapists; Occupational Therapists; Respiratory Therapists;
Certified Nurse Assistants; Massage Therapists and Personal Care Workers.
Contact the CDPHE for a complete list of professional health care services a Home Health
Agency is allowed to provide.

The initial assessment of a Home Health Care patient is conducted by a Registered Nurse, who
will construct a comprehensive Plan of Care to be implemented by the agency.

For more details on licensing regulations for Skilled Home Health Care Agencies, contact the
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Featured Home Health Agencies



Professional Home Health Care is a home health
agency operating in the Colorado Springs metro region.
With a decades-long history of serving the area,
Professional Home Health Care enjoys a current BBB
"A" rating; services include Skilled Nursing; PT; OT; Home Health Aides (supervised by a
registered nurse); Homemaking; Personal Care and Respite Care. Professional Home Health
Care takes great pride in providing the highest-quality home health care services available -
dispensed by trained and caring professionals.
1120 N. Circle Drive, Suite #7, Colorado Springs, CO 80909     |     (719) 532-0373
Founded in 2008, Primary Home Health Care, Inc. is a home
health care agency owned and operated by registered nurses.
Serving the Colorado Springs region,
Primary Home Health
presently has a BBB rating of "A-"; services include
Nursing Services; PT, OT and ST Services; MSW Services;
and Certified Nursing Assistant Services. Primary Home Health
Care's owners, Sheila and Diana, bring a combined 25-plus
years of professional nursing and comprehensive care
experience to your doorstep!
1120 N. Circle Drive, Suite #15, Colorado Springs, CO 80909     |     (719) 577-4272