Colorado Adult Foster Care Homes
(Elderly Care Group Homes)
Absence of Statewide Licensing and Enforcement

This lack of statewide uniformity in licensing and certification processes does not necessarily
mean that Colorado Adult Foster Care Homes are substandard, inadequate or unsafe.
However, Senior Resources and News cannot provide its website visitors with review and
contact information on care facilities which are not held to a mandated, supervised and
enforced set of uniform licensing standards. There is no statewide system which conducts
survey inspections and no provisions for violation enforcement or verification of corrective

Identification of Smaller Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Resources and News will strive to profile as many Colorado Assisted Living Facilities
with lower resident capacities (3-8) as possible in order to allow website visitors with a desire
or need to find an ALF with a relatively low census to quickly and easily find facilities meeting
that prerequisite. (
click here to go to our main Colorado Assisted Living Facility page)
The State of Colorado classifies facilities
which provide oversight and room and board
for 1 or 2 residents in private homes as
Elderly Care Group Homes. (A more common
term for this is "Adult Foster Care Home".)

Licensing and Certification

The Colorado Department of Health Care
Policy and Financing's Long Term Care and
Support Services Division has empowered
each Colorado county to certify and license
Elderly Care Group Homes (AFCH's);
according to the State of Colorado, "not all
counties participate in this program".