California Adult Foster Care Homes
(Board and Care Homes)
Aside from a difference in annual license and
application fees a State of California
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)
with 100 beds or less than six beds are subject
to largely the same laws, rules, regulations and
licensing requirements. Whether an RCFE is
set on an apartment complex-like campus or in
a converted single-family home, they are all
licensed, governed and required to conform to
the same set of rules set down by the State of
California Department of Social Services.

Various RCFE Names

There are over 8000 licensed RCFE's in the
State of California. Some estimates indicate 90% of these have a capacity for six or fewer
senior residents. With such a high percentage of lower resident capacity RCFE's, it is
understandable that the California senior housing industry has developed its own informal and
unofficial terminology for low bed count facilities; often they are referred to as Board and Care
Homes or Adult Family Homes. No matter what they may be called, all licensed California
RCFE's are subject to the same regulations regardless of size. Any differences in compliance
based on the size of the RCFE will be pointed out in our "California Assisted Living Facility"

Because of the monolithic status of RCFE's within California laws and regulations, Senior
Resources and News will not offer separate profiles and reviews of low bed count senior
housing which in other states would be in the self-contained category of "Adult Foster Care
Homes" or "Adult Boarding Homes". However, we will make an effort to provide resident capacity
information on every RCFE profiled and highlight those which have relatively low bed counts. In
that way, people with a preference for senior housing options set in a more "home-like"
environment can easily find them within our profile and comparison sections.

For more information about laws, rules, regulations and licensing requirements for State of
California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), refer to the State of California
Department of Social Services website at: ccld.ca.gov.